¿De qué color son mis ojos?

I am always a bit worried when everybody sings anthems about a movie because I find that “the most people like it, the worse it is” rule applies far too often. Great films, after all, are not and shouldn’t be for everybody’s taste. However, when it is such a cultic work as Tesis, from now world famous director Alejandro Amenábar, I couldn’t help keeping my fingers crossed.

First of all, I knew nothing about the movie before seeing it, though the tagline (“I am Angela. I am going to be murdered”) gave me an idea. Then the first scene started and I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen. There is not a scene, not a sentence, not a piece of music I would say is unnecessary or bad. I remember thinking, “this movie is quite simply perfect”.

Nothing proves more Amenábar’s genius than the fact that Tesis was his first feature film and I know awards don’t really serve as a proof, but the man collected basically all the important Goya’s for it. In the mid-90s, when Internet was about the begin its conquering tour around the world, when it became easier and easier for people with the weirdest – and often illegal – fetishes to satisfy their needs, Amenábar opted for a topic that sadly is still very current (snuff videos, that is) and managed to adapt it to the screen in a way that not only sends shivers down your spine but also makes you realize that the people who you think you can confide might not be that trustworthy after all.

As someone who’s anything but a fan of thrillers, I am proud to say I not only enjoyed Tesis more than any other movie recently but I also declare it the best of his kind ever made. All this of course is not only due to the undeniable talent of its creator but also to the impeccable actors’ contribution. Eduardo Noriega gives his very best as the mysterious student whose angelical face and calm voice makes him rise above any suspicion and makes you believe he is just an ordinary guy who happened to be surrounded by the wrong people, at the wrong time – and with the wrong camera. Both Noriega's performance and his character are irresistible - just like the movie itself.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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