The best era for comedies.

90's US comedies have a certain vibe I can't seem to get enough of. I just watched My Cousin Vinny and couldn't stop laughing. It was witty, ironic, with the happy ending that seemed more just than in any other new-era comedy.
This is what new light movies should be like but unfortunately most of the time sense of humour loses the battle against the sickening romance-glamour-sex triangle. Of course I don't say these three shouldn't be given a leading role, but why is it that what could be done in the 90s with Pretty Woman (that included this triangle and a lot of sense of humour), quite simply doesn't seem to find its way to our present days' comedies?


Vesuvian Woman said...

Probably because people ten years your senior have had their fill of those type of movies OR they're parents and take their kids to the show rather than spend the $$$ on themselves. The point: not as many people as you think are interested in seeing a 90s styled comedy.

Check-out: Soapdish, Green Card, and maybe you'll like Untamed Heart-- though, it is more romantic than rom-com.

Orsolya Ott said...

I beg to differ. My parents, for example, actually prefer 90s comedies. And I know plenty of people - younger and not so young - who feel the same. And for the record: I did not say I wanted more 90s "styled" comedies, I just said I found that their vibe and versatility are missing from today's comedies. And if you look at some of the new century's most acclaimed movies, such as Bridget Jones or As Good as it Gets, you can see that these movies managed to include all parts of the triangle that I was talking about and that is missing from the majority of today's shows. All this without being actually 90s styled, since they also incorporate modernity which I do not detest at all.

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