València, València.

So, as I already mentioned, I spent some days in Valencia witha friend. I must say it is a very beautiful city and the fact that it has a beach is also a plus. However, we went in December and it equals hardly any people on the streets after midnight (something that was extremely weird for us after Madrid, along with the timetables of the stores and pubs and restaurants - almost all of them closed at 1 a.m.!) and after you've seen the city centre and the futuristic Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, you don't have too much to do. But I can imagine that during the summer, when you can swim and everything, it's something very much like Paradise Found.

What I really liked was L'Oceanogràfic, it was awfully beautiful though we could not get into the dolphin show because we would have had to wait about 1,5 hours in line... That part should be improved, otherwise, it was a great experience!

So, my adivce is that if you want to visit this city, a) you must go in the summer; b) you must accept it's not a big, ever-moving city, even if it is the third largest city in Spain and c) you must love the beach a lot so that you don't get bored, not even after seeing pretty much everything in the centre.

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