Mannequins, dolls, models. Whatever.

Once "living coathangers", now mannequin/doll/clown-like plastic lolitas: fashion pictures have always been significant art pieces (at least some of them) and they seem to go on and on. The problem is, not really uniquely so. Back in March 2007, I bought Italian Glamour and found a great series of photos: arty and beautiful. And now, in Numero's November issue an other splendind spread, this time with Coco Rocha (I envy her for her name...) and to me, the make up and some of the poses seem similar to the pics in Glamour...

Above: Numero
Below: Glamour

Though Coco is more plastic, I prefer the Italian one because the rest of the pics are wonderful (just like the other ones) and the outfits are actually wearable.

Numero pictures: Fashionista

PS. Joaquin is 33. Happy Birthday to him! :)

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