Cinemafest 2007, Hungary

In Hungary we have a 4 day event called Cinemafest. During this festival, you can watch a movie (a kinda new one, there even pre-premiere flicks being screened) for about 1,5. That means you can watch 3 movies for the price of one...
So I chose to live with the chance and went to the movies today.
I watched Fracture, Ocean's Thirteen and Evan Almighty (usually, movies come to Hungary a bit later than they are premiered in the UK or the States).
So, Ocean's Thirteen was no surprise, with the wonderful cast (along with Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Garcia and so on, Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin), the story was great and the tricks were no exception. I like it about these Ocean's films that they are a bit extraordinary and quirky.

Evan Almighty... I was told it was worse than Bruce Almighty but seriously, it was not since the two can not be compared. They have different stories, since Bruce has the opportunity to BE almighty, to change things and all, but Evan is the tiny little mortal who has a divine mission. Both movies are funny, of course, they are comedies, but Bruce Almighty was about understanding something (actually, he had to understand and accept that being God is not easy and being selfish isn't either), Evan Almighty was a bit lighter. Of course it had the 'deeper layer' (his relationship with his family and the world itself), but still, it was lighter.

And last but not least, Fracture. It was the best of the day, Anthony Hopkins is brilliant as always, Ryan Gosling was a pleasant disappointment and story, oh, the story. It cannot be described, it's too complicated but believe me, it's one of the best movies of the year so far. Excellent and perfect. AQnd the humour of Sir Hopkins (okay, of his character) and his facial acting is absolutely a must-see. Sorry, must-experience.

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